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Escape to a Paradise of Papering at Sheer Elegance

For the local bride-to-be, there is no better destination for primping and pampering than the London Ontario bridal salon called the Shear Elegance Salon and Spa!

Weddings are those rarest of moments in our lives, where the important things truly matter - at least for a day - and all of our dreams of romance and love come true! For the bride, it is that one and only day where she can be the princess she always wanted to be, dancing in a silk gown in the arms of her forever prince. But before the big day comes, every princess wants to be perfect. If you know a princess looking for a London Ontario bridal salon, send her to Shear Elegance - the elegance is right in our name!

We are a full-service salon able to provide the bride and her maids with massages and massage therapy, every possible kind of skin care to include hot oil treatments and exfoliation, and of course we can treat the lady-of-the-day to a once-in-a-life time luxurious manicure and pedicure. And of course no bride can look her best without perfect hair, and our highly trained staff will give you the cut, color, and style of your dreams. You are certain to look and feel your very best on your special day! If what you seek is sheer elegance, come to Shear Elegance!

But don't forget the days and months leading up to the big day! While many princesses come to us for primping on the day before the grand occasion, we find that for many of our clients and customers, it is the months of planning ahead of time that really require some extra pampering. The wedding is a joy, but the planning is stressful! So why not let us take the stress out of it? After you've spent a long and frustrating day searching for the perfect cake and dress, come to your favorite London Ontario Bridal Salon and let us melt your frustrations away. Wedding planners, choosing the cake, finding the perfect church, narrowing down the guest list? It's all hard work that can steal the joy from what should be a priceless memory. So when the work is done, come to Shear Elegance for a massage, a facial, and some time to yourself in our luxurious spa. Nothing restores the soul like peaceful bliss, and that is what we provide for you. Let us put your heart and mind at ease, so you can get back to your planning with a song in your heart and a smile on your face!

When it comes time to prepare for your wedding day, you'll have so many choices. But when it comes to making you your most beautiful as the big day approaches, let Shear Elegance be your choice. In the local area, it is the only choice, as far as we're concerned. On your wedding day, and every other day for that matter, when you need perfect service in a full-service salon, there is no other choice. The only London Ontario bridal salon to consider is right here and we are waiting to serve you, princess!

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