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Shear Elegance Salon and Spa, London Ontario offers prenatal massages

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in any woman’s life, full of joy and happiness and many celebrations. But pregnancy also creates many changes in a woman’s body, often causing a variety of aches and pains. Why not consider a prenatal massage? Performed by our registered massage therapists (RMT’s), getting a prenatal massage at Shear Elegance Salon and Spa, London Ontario is an excellent way to ease your discomfort and pamper yourself!

Like any other type of massage, a prenatal massage is basically intended to help you feel better by relaxing tense muscles. However, keeping in mind that a pregnant woman’s body is constantly changing, prenatal massages employ a modified massage environment and modified techniques. While prenatal massages are a completely safe option for most normal pregnancies, it is important that you report certain pregnancy-related conditions, such as, but not limited to, prenatal diabetes or high blood pressure, to your RMT as these conditions may limit your massage options.

Prenatal massages have several benefits to them. Not only do they help relax muscles and reduce built up tension, but prenatal massages also aid in decreasing swelling many pregnant women often complain about, particularly in their feet and hands. Improved blood circulation is another advantage attributed to prenatal massages. If the extra weight you are carrying causes you to suffer from backaches, prenatal massages can alleviate those too. Finally, a good prenatal massage session makes you feel better overall, improving your mood and allowing you to sleep better and feel rested before the arrival of those long, sleepless nights.

Why should you choose to get a prenatal massage at Shear Elegance Salon and Spa, London Ontario?

A couple of other maternity services offered at Shear Elegance Salon and Spa, London Ontario include:

To book a prenatal massage, or any or our other maternity services, for yourself or for that special pregnant woman in your life, contact Shear Elegance Salon and Spa, London Ontario today at 519.645.7000.

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