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Benefits of Each Type of Massage Therapy

In the recent past massage has been a popular means of promoting relaxation, healing injuries and promoting overall health wellness. Nonetheless, not all people have been going for the same because of different reasons such as discomfort in undressing. Today, there are different types of massage with an extensive variety of movements, pressures and techniques, which are suitable for everyone from kids to adults. These styles involve rubbing, pressing and manipulating muscles and body tissues using hands and fingers. These types of massage therapy include:

1. Thai Massage

This involves the therapists stretching and moving you into a yoga-like series positions and pulling of your ears, toes and fingers as well as cracking knuckles and walking over your back. This normally last from one to two hours and is measured one of the most energizing massage styles.

2. Swedish Massage

This is the most popular and common type of massage often referred to as relaxation massage or simply massage. It entails long, flowing strokes often made in the direction of the heart together with kneading and circular movements by the use of massage oils and lotions to reduce friction. This has relaxation benefits and thus best for those who have not experienced massage before.

3. Deep tissue Massage

This type of massage aims at strained muscles or muscles related to chronic pain. The therapists target connective tissues and the deep layer of muscles by the use of intense pressure and short strokes. After such a deep massage session, it is common for you to feel sore for a couple of days but the benefits are worth it.

4. Hot stone Massage

This entails laying smooth stones that are heated to slightly above 100 degrees on back and shoulder muscles to promote relaxation and boost circulation. Its effectiveness can be enhanced by applying a light pressure to the stones. This type is sometimes done together with other types of massage mostly Swedish.

5. Shiatsu

This technique entails applying pressure to acupuncture points using fingers and thumbs to relieve stress and pain. Shiatsu is quite relaxing and is not accompanied by the left behind soreness of deep tissues massage.

6. Reflexology

This is the pairing of two prehistoric substitute-healing modalities perfectly. In this type of massage, essential oils are integrated in the oil that is used to massage your skin or they are subtle into the air. Aromatherapy is used to influence mood, aid digestion, reduce pain and inflammation, relieve tension and sinus congestion and ease cramping among others.

7. Specialty Massage

This is a type of massage that targets a specific type of client such as athletes and pregnant women. Like in the case of athletes, massage is done before and during events to warm and loosen muscles, and after the event to aid recovery and mend injuries. In pregnant women when massage is done regularly it helps ease pregnancy discomforts, shorten labor times and ease delivery.

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