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Day Spa Manicures

Manicure treatments are a corrective treatment for hands including the finger nails. A standard manicure treatment includes documenting, forming, and cleaning of the manicures. Treatment of the hands in a standard manicure trim may incorporate absorbing softening substances and applying hand moisturizers.

Nails are made up of a protein called keratin and require a certain amount of flexibility and moisture to ensure healthy growth. Often the cause of poor nails are from the use of harsh hardening treatments and chemicals which dry out the nails and take away from their natural appearance. The end result being brittle and hard nails which may be hard to maintain. Manicures are used as treatments to keep hands and nails looking healthy.

Compared to standard manicures, day spa manicures are often more lavish due to their use of additional cleansing agents and massage techniques.

Manicures offered by Shear Elegance start off with a warm hand soak and followed by nail trim and file, cuticle nourishment, relaxing hand massage and intense moisturizing. Followed of course by a colour of your choice.

We offer a wide array of manicures including:

French Spa Manicure - A white polish is applied on the nail tips and topped with a clear polish finish for a natural appearance.

Sweet Citrus Manicure - Includes exfoliating organic sea salts, vitamin-enriched wraps and hydrating body buffers.

Sea Salt Peppermint Manicure - Includes a sweet vanilla mint mask and a therapeutic lotion that is massed deeply into your hands.

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