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Day Spa Pedicures

Pedicures are foot treatments and can vary between different establishments. They generally include a footbath, mask for the feet, foot massage, cuticle care, file and nail polish. The technician cuts any irregular or long toe nails according to the wants of the client. After cutting them, they shape it artistically to give them a very elegant look.

The prime purpose of a day spa pedicure is healthy looking feet. Technicians remove dry and dead skin which reduce calluses, a main cause of build up for dead and dry skin. Cuticles are cleaned to prevent paint and unpleasant hanging nails.

Pedicures are encouraged for men as well. Healthy relaxed feet are not just for women, but for everyone. Most people tend not to take care of their feet but this can be a BIG mistake. Your feet are one of the most used body parts and holds the weight of your entire body every time you stand.

Our pedicure stations are equipped with shiatsu massaging mechanisms to ensure you stay relaxed during your treatment. Safety is our number one priority and hence why we sterilize all our equipment with hospital grade solutions to kill bacteria.

We offer a wide array of pedicures including:

Hot Stone Pedicure- warm riverbed stones caress your feet to improve circulation and soothe tired feet.

Hydrating Paraffin Treatments - - Paraffin is used to take away any dry or chapped areas.

Sea Salt Peppermint Pedicure - Aroma infused therapeutic bath and peppermint sugar scrub.

Our day spa pedicures are designed to provide you with comfort and bring out that healthy looking appearance you long for. The before and after can't be compared. Who wouldn't want this feeling??? Call Shear Elegance today and book your appointment.

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