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Treating your Acne at the Spa

You may not be aware that many high-end spas offer body treatment to help eliminate or control acne. This skin ailment is a common condition that affects millions of teenagers and even adults, such as women experiencing hormonal changes. And since one of its causes is bacteria on the skin, top notch spas like the Shear Elegance Day Spa Retreat & Hair Salon offer special treatments to destroy the bacteria and prevent future breakouts. Their therapies are also designed to reduce the appearance of scars that may have developed over the course of time.

This top London, Ontario spa doesn't just count on ointments to reduce the effects of acne. Here, they utilize Intense Pulse Light science, a new development which is aimed at destroying the membrane of the bacteria, to obtain an aseptic skin. Most dermatologists prescribe antibiotics to their patients with acne. With this type of pulse light body treatment, a patient can continue taking the antibiotics or any type of hormone therapy prescribed by their physician, without worries of complications.

To judge how many sessions you'll need, the esthetician will assess the severity of the condition. You may need more sessions for the face than for the shoulders, for instance. Each body treatment is tailored to the customer's needs.

As an added bonus, the Intense Pulse Light treatment can help coagulate any scar tissue that has formed over time. You can forget about those expensive chemical peels. In fact, while at the spa, you may want to inquire about other complimentary therapies such as the amazing facials they offer. A mild gel peel might be just what you need after weeks of an acne body treatment.

As you can see, the Shear Elegance spa offers much more than just soothing massages.

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