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Hair Removal Tips

Hair removal can be achieved in various ways. While some prefer the traditional shaving method, others want more lasting results and therefore resort to waxing or laser hair removal. Whatever your preferred method of hair removal, London Ontario residents can find here some useful tips to help before and after the procedure.


Shaving is a quick and very affordable method of hair removal. It can be practically done wherever you are, as long as you have access to either a manual or electric razor. When shaving, keep these tips in mind:
• When using a manual razor, always ensure that the area you are about to shave is wet
• Apply cream, gel or soap before you start shaving so manual razor glides easily
• Prior to use, test any cream, gel or soap used on a small, discreet area
• Prevent nicks and cuts by using your razor gently
• Be more careful around ankles and knees – leave them for the end, allowing moisture to soak
• When shaving is completed, wash area with warm water
• Wait a few minutes before applying moisturizer or deodorant – allow pores to close to avoid irritation
While it is easy and painless, shaving will have to be performed at least every second or third day to keep body parts smooth and hair-free.


Waxing leaves your body parts smooth and hair-free for longer than 2 or 3 days. Waxing can be performed every 3 to 4 weeks and, while you can do it at home, many prefer to get it done professionally. Waxing is offered by Shear Elegance Salon and Spa as an option for hair removal to London Ontario residents. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you prepare for your appointment:
• Hair length should be at least 6 mm in length. Waxing will not yield good results if hair is shorter
• Take a warm shower prior to procedure to help open up pores, and skip all lotions
• Some people find it useful to take an aspirin as pain relief right before waxing
• If you are waxing at home, do not wax an area for a second time as it will cause bleeding and irritation
• Avoid exposure to heat (sauna, tanning, etc.) for a day or two after waxing to prevent burns
• Avoid using perfumes, deodorants, and lotions until the following day
When choosing waxing as a method of hair removal, London Ontario residents can rest assured that we always adhere to keeping our environment safe and sanitary for your protection.

Laser Hair Removal:

Laser hair removal is somewhat of a permanent solution for those seeking smooth, hair-free body parts. While it requires about 3 to 5 sessions, many people find that hair growth completely stops by the last treatment they receive. Shear Elegance Salon and Spa offers laser hair removal to London Ontario residents. You can prepare for your treatment by:
• Avoiding waxing and plucking hairs at least six weeks prior to the procedure. Waxing and plucking temporarily remove the roots of hairs, the same roots targeted by laser
• You can shave 12-24 hours prior to the procedure as this will ensure that the laser is absorbed by the hair follicle below the skin
• Avoid exposure to the sun 6 weeks before and after laser hair removal to ensure effectiveness and prevent complications
• Avoid cosmetic procedures, such as peels and botox, for at least 2 weeks prior to procedure
When you book an appointment for laser hair removal in London Ontario you can rest assured that the technicians at Shear Elegance Salon and Spa are trained to provide the best and safest service.

Book your appointment for hair removal in London Ontario at Shear Elegance Salon and Spa by calling 519.645.7000.

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