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Enjoy a Hot Stone Massage

Nothing helps the mind and the body to relax like the warmth of a hot lava stone massage. If you're in London, then you'll need to try this amazing body treatment at the luxurious Shear Elegance Day Spa Retreat & Hair Salon.

If you're unfamiliar with this type of treatment, note that it comprises Swedish style massage accompanied by the use of warm, oiled lava stones. The masseuse glides the hot basalt stones across your tired and tight muscles releasing stress while invigorating your body.

The stones are heated up to produce a sedative effect to calm nerves and balance both your body and mind. The stones also help improve blood flow while inducing an incredible state of relaxation. It's a massage that's often been described as "pure Nirvana."

Many people find that the part where the massage therapist uses both cool and hot stones is the most enjoyable. The change in temperatures is said to help flush out toxins that often remain lodged in the body's tissues. The contrast between cold and hot also ensures that your blood supply is increased to the affected areas. With a higher blood supply, the tissues receive the nutrients they lack. In fact, many individuals who've suffered from automobile accidents find that these therapies help them in reducing pain. Thus, getting a hot stone massage on a regular basis can be more than just for relaxation- it can be therapeutic.

Another benefit that a hot lava massage offers is the fact that it helps release toxins via the lymph systems. This usually helps a person feel more energetic and obtain a better nights' sleep.

Hot basalt stone massage is not just a gimmick. It's a means to achieving true relaxation and obtaining real health benefits. And you'll agree it certainly enhances the experience of a day at the spa.

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