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How IPL Gets Rid of Red Face, Blood Vessels and Acne

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a facial treatment method that utilizes bright flashes of visible light in order to close down capillaries and blood vessels that tend to cause a red faced and flushing appearance. The treatment option also uses a filter that is able to only release a specified color of light, one that is uniquely able to absorb via the blood vessels of the skin. Therefore the light beams singularly affect blood vessels that are dilated on the skin while no causing any injury to skin that is normal.

As the IPL light energy is able to be absorbed via dilated blood vessels, they are injured and closed down. This process will remove the red appearance, capillaries and blood vessels of the face. The results are best described as truly remarkable.

When compared to other lasers that tend to be commonly used, IPL is much gentler. Other lasers are often able to cause skin burns and bruising that may leave white marks on the face. Issues such as those that have been mentioned have resulted in the usefulness of lasers becoming as well as causing IPL to become a preferred method of treatment.

What is the Treatment Like?

IPL treatments tend to be relatively painless, simple and quite quick. During the treatment process, protective shields will be placed over the eyes as a soothing gel is place on the skin for comfort and the enhancing of its effectiveness. There is not a topical anesthetic applied because it is not needed and may cause interference with the effectiveness of the treatment method as a whole.

The treatment head is then placed against the skin as a bright flash of light that is triggered in order to properly treat the red areas. The entire face is treated during the session with a series of light flashes. As the process is taking place, you will be able to feel s small snap each time a flash hits the skin. The snap is more than tolerable and will not cause you any increased amounts of pain or discomfort.

Once the IPL treatment has been completed there will be cold packs are placed on the skin as a measure of comfort. For an average of an hour, your skin will appear pink but unbruised or damaged. After a few hours of completing the treatment, your skin will generally look virtually normal and you will be able to return to work and any other daily routines.

When are Results Seen?

Immediately after treatment, darkening and change to the flushed areas become visible. Some of the tiniest of areas are able to become closed within the first treatment. With that being said, the larger areas of skin flushing will gradually begin to decrease over a periods of five weeks. IPL is a treatment method that offer a gentler approach that will take some time for the overall results to become expressly visible. This gentler approach helps to alleviate the redness and more on your face without any complications.

For moderate to severe cases, three treatments will need to be scheduled within five weeks apart as a requirement.

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