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Laser Hair Removal vs. Natural Hair Removal - the Pros and Cons

Two common methods of hair removal are laser hair removal and waxing. If you are considering hair removal for yourself you may wish to know what the pros and cons are of laser hair removal vs. natural hair removal.

The goal for anyone seeking hair removal is to reduce the amount of hair that grows in a particular area, hopefully permanently. In laser hair removal a laser is used to treat the area of hair that you want eradicated. Laser treatments are spaced out over a 4-8 week period for the reason that hair grows in stages meaning not all of the hair that you wish to have removed can be done in a single treatment.

Waxing is a natural hair removal method which has been around for centuries. With this method the wax is spread over an area of hair, and then removed with a small strip of fabric. Waxing leaves the skin free of hair and nice and smooth for at least a few weeks.

Both of these hair removal methods involve some pain. Waxing pulls the hair out by the root, while the hair will just fall out naturally with laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal reduces hair permanently, but some swelling is involved as well as some temporary post surgical reactions—so some healing time is required. This method is also more expensive than waxing.

With waxing the hairs have to be a certain length; it can be messy and hair removal is temporary though it is not as expensive.

Both laser hair removal and waxing have their advantages and disadvantages. Many people are happy with the results of both methods. It really ends up being a personal choice on which method is best for you.

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