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Is Massage Therapy Safe For Me?

So, you find yourself searching for massage therapy in London Ontario in hopes that it will result in some relief from stress or general aches in your body. You probably know somebody that has previously had massage therapy and worked wonders on them, now you're looking for the same results. But is massage therapy is actually safe for you?

Massage And Minor Conditions.

There are various minor conditions that the therapist may need to take into consideration before the therapy begins. Take for example muscle or tendon injuries. It may be the case that the area has been immobilized in some way and massage may have a negative impact on the healing process. Special attention may also be taken when an individual has certain skin conditions, arthritis, burn injuries, recent surgery and a number of other ailments. That is why it is important that the therapist carries out a questionnaire in advance to make sure that they are aware of any medical conditions that may indeed make massage therapy unsafe.

With these minor conditions there a number of ways in which the therapist can work around them because even though the exact area may need to be avoided it does not mean that the area above and below the affected area should also be ignored.

Massage And Major Conditions.

It should be noted that a qualified massage therapist will be able to still carry out the massage on certain parts of the body even when an individual suffers from various major conditions. However, if an individual suffers from a fever, has cancer that affects the bones, has an infectious disease, or even problems with their blood pressure, then it is advised that they avoid massage therapy until those conditions have been addressed.

However, you can still benefit from massage therapy even if you have previously had a heart condition, stroke, suffer from diabetes, or a number of other illnesses or ailments that are deemed to be serious or potentially life changing. The main thing is that the therapist is informed of your general health before they begin the session. You also need to inform them of how you are feeling not only before the therapy begins, but during the session. If you do this, then you will have nothing to fear about massage and the entire session will indeed be completely safe for you even with your health not as good as it could be.

In other words, massage therapy really should be safe for you, but if you either currently suffer from any kind of ailment or condition, or have previously done so, then it is important that the therapist is informed at the earliest opportunity. This will allow them to compensate for the ailment and make sure that you can still benefit from the massage without putting your health at risk. Massage therapy is safe, but only if you are honest at all times.

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