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Going to the Spa for Medical Aesthetic Treatments

The Shear Elegance Day Spa Retreat & Hair Salon is a top notch spa featuring non-surgical treatments aimed at preserving youth and reversing the effects of aging. As a highly respected institution in the London, Ontario area, it also boasts the latest in therapeutic equipment. Some of the apparatus include an advanced machine that emits intense pulse light technology used in almost every body treatment described herein.

Of the more popular medical aesthetic services offered by this upscale spa, there's progressive hair removal, a full body treatment to eliminate acne from the face, shoulders and back, photo rejuvenation, and treatments for rosacea or vascular abrasions.

Progressive hair removal entails a non-invasive and practically painless treatment to permanently eliminate hair. For acne, the spa utilizes the most advanced technology available which includes IPL science that helps to eradicate the bacteria which contribute to breakouts. Note that when implemented in acne therapy, it also helps refine the pores and importantly, reduce scars left behind by the skin condition- eliminating the problem and reversing some of the damage caused in the past.

Anyone who has exposed their skin to the harmful rays of the sun will benefit from undergoing a body treatment of photo rejuvenation. It not only reduces wrinkles but the redness and broken capillaries that develop from long term exposure to the elements.

And men or women who suffer with age spots, sun spots or skin redness resulting from dilated blood vessels will definitely benefit from the specialized treatments offered at the Shear Elegance Day Spa Retreat & Hair Salon.

At this spa, each body treatment is provided by highly qualified professionals with certifications in their field of expertise. Come in and see for yourself!

1040 Adelaide Street North, London Ontario

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