Happy Canada Day!
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Happy Canada Day

July 1st - Canada Day (Closed)
July 18-24
Everybody Deserves A Massage Week
Back Remedy Massage $55.00 + tax
Full Body Relaxation Massage $65.00 + tax
Full Body Aroma Massage $70.00  + tax
Hot Stone Massage $100.00 + tax
RMT 45 Min  $60.00 + tax 
RMT 60 Min $75.00 + tax 
RMT 90 Min $110.00 + tax
RMT Hot Stone Massage $125.00 + tax
RMT Moor Mud Wrap $140.00 + tax
RMT Body Scrub $140.00 + tax 
SkinCeuticals AOX GEL 

This breakthrough serum-in-a-gel contains a synergistic antioxidant combination to help protect the delicate eye area from oxidative stress, while targeted actives revive under-eye skin and reduce the appearance of puffiness. 
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VersaSpa Spray Tan 


Book your appointment and be a sunless 

bronze goddess from head-to-toe with  

VersaSpa Bronzer Sunless Spray.  


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Beauty Tips
Finally, all the beauty tips you need in one place! We've compiled our best get-gorgeous tricks to help you get pretty from head to toe. 
Eye Cream 
You've probably seen the TV ads where they show a model slathering eye cream all over her eyes - don't do it. It's wrong! In fact, it could lead to even more puffiness and dark circles because your eye cream can travel up to an inch over night. 


For proper application, use your ring finger to dip into the cream. Gently tap the cream about a half-inch below your eyes, starting at the inner corners and working your way across to just outside of the outer corner. Gently massage the cream into the skin by repeated tapping (not rubbing) until it's soaked in.  
Filling in your eyebrows  
Straight, curved, angled - arches come in all shapes but not all of them are full. Here is a great eyebrow tutorial.
How To : Eyebrow Tutorial
How To : Eyebrow Tutorial


To wash or not to wash? 


It seems simple, right? The truth is that over-cleaning your hair can actually dry out your scalp and trick it into thinking it needs to replenish what has been removed.  In other words, your scalp will produce extra sebum oil, which can make your hair look greasier! 


Experts advise to only wash your hair 2 to 3 times a week. 

If you have oily or super-fine hair that naturally falls limp if not washed every day, try spritzing dry shampoo on your scalp between washes. It will soak up the excess oil near your scalp and revive your locks.  


Optimal Skincare Regime


After washing your face, apply toner then start with your Serum (CE Ferulic or Serum 10). These nutrient-rich treatments will absorb deep into your skin providing you with Vitamins C & E plus a range of other helpful ingredients, which do wonders for your face.

Next step, apply Eye Cream. Eye creams/gels help to eliminate dark circles, crows feet, and puffiness.
Moisturizer is the next step. In the morning, apply moisturizer to banish dry skin and set the stage for makeup application. Nourished skin is key to a beautiful face either made up or makeup free.

Last step - apply Sunscreen.

In the evening, treat your face with a rich night cream and let the product's powers penetrate and repair your skin as you sleep.   


Best Blush Shades for Your Skin Tone 


Fair Skin: Warm skin tones should use warm pinks; cool skin tones should stick to bright watermelon pink.
Medium Skin: Peach or soft oranges flatter medium golden tones best. Cool mediums should opt for light, rose pink shades.

Olive Skin: Olive complexions look good in both warm and cool blushes. Choose a neutral or mauve toned blush or or go bold with a pop of bright pink.  

Dark Skin: A cool dark skin tone should opt for a vibrant pink blush and warm undertones look best in a bright red-orange.  


Want more great tips? Click the pictures below!


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        Cat Eyes               Dark Lipstick           Hair Secrets 

      Brow Shape            Foundation               Mascara 

Coconut Breeze Pedicure   


Give your feet a breezy spa-cation with this summer favourite! Nothing says summer better than the fresh aroma of coconuts. This delightful pedicure experience begins with an aroma-infused luxury soak. Scrub away dry skin with a coconut sugar scrub that will leave your skin feeling oh so silky smooth. Top it off with a delicious coconut lotion and your choice of OPI or China Glaze.