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March 20th is the 1st day of spring!
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My Time Package
RMT 60 Minute Massage
Hydrating Paraffin Pedicure
$135.00 + tax
(Insurance Receipt Provided)

Spa Express Pedicure 
Gel-ish Manicure

Spa Express Pedicure
Express Manicure

Paraffin Treatment $20.00
Masque Treatment $20.00


Add on to any 
manicure or pedicure 
for only $10.00! 

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Raising Hope Manicures & Pedicures
VersaSpa Spray Tan 


Book your appointment and be a sunless 

bronze goddess from head-to-toe with  

VersaSpa Bronzer Sunless Spray.  


     Our Price:  $29.99
Shear Elegance Salon & Spa is introducing the HydraFacial to London! A NEW breakthrough medical treatment in aesthetic technology. It's ability to moisturize the skin separates the HydraFacial from all other skin resurfacing procedures.

It's clinically formulated to target specific skin conditions, including wrinkles and fine lines, uneven skin tone and texture, clogged or enlarged pores, sun damage, and hyperpigmentation.

The best part - it is not a quick fix-it; the HydraFacial improves the quality of skin, actually helping to make it healthy.
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Food For Thought...And For Your Complexion!
Studies have found links between certain nutrients and wrinkle reduction, radiance, and acne prevention. This means you can boost the amazing effects of your nutrient-rich beauty products with healthy foods from your local supermarket.

There's no better way to help your skin look its best than by healthful eating and using great skin care products! Here are 5 cream-of-the-crop ways to nourish your skin from the inside and out. 
#1. Firmer Skin 
Eat Yogurt - The protein you get from dairy helps skin become firmer so it's more resistant to lines. Greek yogurt is especially beneficial because the protein content is often double that of regular yogurt.  
Apply Retinol 0.5 - Stimulate cell regeneration and build collagen to diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots from both photo- and intrinsic-aging.
#2. Combat Sun Damage
Eat Sweet Potatoes - They contain large amounts of beta-carotene, an excellent antioxidant. Beta-carotene's protective qualities defend against the damage of sun exposure and works wonders on your complexion. 

Apply CE Ferulic - A revolutionary antioxidant combination that delivers advanced protection against photo aging by neutralizing free radicals, boosting collagen synthesis, and providing unmatched antioxidant protection.   
#3. Youthful Complexion 
Eat Wild Blueberries - They've got the highest content of antioxidant properties, stronger than those of cranberries, raspberries, strawberries, or plums. The antioxidant powers are from their remarkable compounds including anthocyanins, vitamin C, resveratrol, vitamin E, and ellagic acid. 

Apply A.G.E Interrupter Cream - A unique treatment formulated with 4% blueberry extract, 30% Proxylane, and 0.2% phytosphingosine to help prevent the glycation process and correct signs of aging.

#4. Eliminate Redness 
Drink Green Tea - Studies have also demonstrated that green tea helps fight inflammation and redness. So sip at least one cup of green tea a day and fight redness and irritation. 

Apply Redness Neutralizer - Redness Neutralizer prevents and corrects redness associated with rosacea by combating environmental triggers and interrupting the inflammation cascade while protecting the skin's barrier. 
#5. Prevent Blemishes, Acne & Fine Lines 
Eat Salmon - Add luster and softness to your complexion by feasting on salmon, a fish with one of the richest concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids. These healthy fats nourish your skin by reducing your body's production of inflammatory substances, decreasing clogged pores, and averting fine lines and wrinkles. 

Apply Blemish + Age Defense - A targeted, oil-free approach to treat adult acne and signs of aging. This optimal alpha- and beta-hydroxy acid formulation is designed to prevent the formation of acne, decongests pores, minimize blemishes, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Café au Lait  Manicure 
Coffee, your morning picker-upper, is now an energizing pick-me-up manicure. Start this aromatic manicure with a relaxing hand soak. Then your hands and arms will be exfoliated with a luscious coffee scrub to remove dry skin. Next, a warm paraffin wax softens and hydrates your skin as you relax and enjoy the experience. Finish with a sweet coffee moisturizer and your choice of OPI or China Glaze polish. 
Our Price: $40.00
Maple Sugar Pedicure 
Mmmm...it's maple syrup time! Keep your feet sandal-ready all year long with our luxurious Maple Sugar Pedicure.

A warm therapeutic foot soak begins the experience, followed by nail and cuticle care and gentle callous removal. Relax and feel refreshed with our maple sugar scrub and a therapeutic massage for your calves.  Your feet are warmed and pampered with a juicy sweet peach paraffin. Finish with a hydrating maple vanilla lotion. Choose your favourite OPI or China Glaze to complete the look. 
Our Price:  $65.00
March Promotions
RMT Coffee Body Scrub
(Insurance receipt provided)
$140.00 + tax
This scrub will leave you energized and ready to take on the day! Gently exfoliates to reveal smoother, more radiant skin.


Offer Expires: March 31, 2014
This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion. 
48 Hour cancellation required. One year expiry from date of purchase on these promotions.  

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