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September 1st - Labour Day (Closed) 
Ladies Cut & Style + Manicure $69.99

Little Black Dress Package
Updo or Curls  
Makeup Application
Gel-ish Manicure
Spa Express Pedicure
Pamper Yourself Package
RMT Hot Stone Massage 
Spa Manicure
Spa Pedicure 
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VersaSpa Spray Tan 


Book your appointment and be a sunless 

bronze goddess from head-to-toe with  

VersaSpa Bronzer Sunless Spray.  


     Our Price:  $29.99

Tanning Tuesday's
 Original Tan Only $19.99

Vinylux Fall Collection

Vinylux Manicure $33.00 + tax
Vinylux Pedicure $56.00 + tax
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Salon & Spa Safety

You may have heard...when you travel to foreign countries, beware for your health and safety when seeking spa services, even at the most reputable hotels and spas. They may not have the same standards we have in Ontario.

But wait...Ontario does not have any standard set of regulations when it comes to cleanliness, sterilization, and licensing for spa services. And we've been horrified to hear stories - locally - where customers have received more than they've bargained for, including nasty rashes, nail fungus, staph infections (with everything from fevers to boils), and even Hepatitis C.

So if you're travelling abroad or trying a new spa locally, be safe. Look around. Ask questions.

At Shear Elegance, we adhere to the strictest hygiene and cleaning regime. See our Quality Assurance for details. And we've compiled the following suggestions for you - because your health could depend on it!

Before scheduling an appointment, ask these two vital questions:

1. Are your estheticians, nail technicians, and/or hair stylists licensed and certified?

All of our award winning stylists are licensed and our estheticians have diplomas of Aesthetics in IPL, manicures, pedicures, massage, facials, and waxing. The course takes more than a year to complete and focuses primarily on the human body. Our spa manager leads a competent team and oversees everything from cleaning to service protocols.

2. What do you use to make sure everything is properly cleaned?

Our specialized pedicure chairs are pipe-free to ensure an environment that is completely bacteria free. All implements are sterilized in an intense three-step process using hospital grade solutions to kill bacteria and then sterilized in our Auto Clave system. All chairs and manicure stations are wiped down with sterilization wipes after each service and tubs are sprayed with Acel solution and scrubbed down.   

We never reuse nail files, buffers, or orange wood sticks. You receive a new file each time, which you can take home. Files should never be kept at a spa with your name on it for future use...they are often kept in drawers or boxes with other used files - a breeding place for bacteria.

When you arrive for your scheduled appointment, be sure to take a thorough look at your surroundings before your service begins. Pay attention to these areas:

· Overall, does it look clean?  Check for used coffee cups or food on or near your manicure table. Are there used tissues, nail clippings, or nail dust on the table or floor around you?  Note: Your station should be cleaned and prepped before you sit down.

· Has your manicure bowl water been changed? 

· Does the nail file looked used? 

· Are all nail tools clean and sterilized? They should never be placed directly on the table - they should be in a pouch or wrapped in plastic on a sterilized tray. 

(Auto Clave & Sterilized Pouches)
Slip Into September Savings
Hair Basics Men's Package 
Series of 5 Men's Cut & Style
Hair Basics Ladies Package
Series of 5 Ladies Cut & Style

Gel-ish Manicures
Series of 5 

Offer Expires: September 30th, 2014 
This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion. 48 Hour cancellation required. Some conditions apply. One year expiry from date of purchase on these promotions. 
Fall Pedicure Promo

Apple Cider Pedicure

This fall-inspired pedicure is infused with apple cider goodness.  Apples and spice and everything nice! After a therapeutic footbath, our exfoliating apple sugar scrub will leave your toes feeling soft and silky smooth. Top it off with a rich apple cider lotion massaged into your feet and calves and your choice of our new fall colours from OPI or Vinylux.

Our Price:  $49.99