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Shear Elegance is excited to announce that we are now carrying Neuma Hair Care & Styling Products.

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Banish Bad Hair Days for Good!   


We've all done it...stood staring at the rows upon rows of hair products stacked from floor to ceiling hoping to find the one product that will give us a good hair day - every day. Regrettably, it often comes down to the one with the nicest scent or prettier bottle, which isn't always the best choice for your hair. Choosing a shampoo and conditioner doesn't have to be a difficult decision if you know your hair.


If your hair/scalp is "normal," meaning it's not overly dry or oily, choose a shampoo that suits your hairstyle:



Ideal for fine hair or if you need a boost or lift to your hairstyle.


Good for damaged hair or hair that is over-processed, highlighted, or brittle.


Perfect for those right in the middle - doesn't over moisturize and it won't dry out your hair with daily use.


Helps to seal the hair cuticle for a great start to a smooth hairstyle.

Curly Hair:  

Formulated specifically for those with curls providing extra moisturizing to help reduce frizz.


But don't fret if you don't fall into the "normal" category - most don't. Shampoo removes dirt and oil while the moisturizer's job is to treat your hair. So, follow these two rules:  


  1. Pick a shampoo for the condition of your scalp.
  2. Pick a conditioner for the treatment of your hair (and hairstyle).


If your scalp is "oily," look for a product that reads volumizing, strengthening, or balancing. A clarifying shampoo works well for oily scalp conditions as well but be careful not to over dry with daily use.


If your scalp is "dry," look for shampoos that are hydrating, moisturizing, smoothing, or for curly hair. For a dry, itchy (sometimes flaky) scalp it may be better to choose a product specifically formulated for dry scalp and avoid shampoos containing sulfates, which are also drying.


And, of course, basic hair washing rules apply - work the shampoo into your hair and scalp to break up oil and rinse well. Repeat. Then, only apply conditioner to the lower half of the hair shaft - avoid rubbing the product into your scalp. Rinse well.


Having a good hair day really comes down to knowing your hair. Our hair experts can help you analyze the condition of your hair and scalp and recommend products to help you make the best buying decisions to banish bad hair days for good. 

Coming Soon!

Shear Elegance is pleased to announce that

EPILFREE is arriving soon!  Enhance your waxing routine with EPILFREE and get lasting laser-like results.


No machines. No lasers. Just results!


EPILFREE is a post-waxing treatment that works with any skin type and any hair colour to get the results you've always wanted.  


EPILFREE contains a combination of natural safe synthetic ingredients including essential liquids extracted from herbs, such as 

lady's mantle and eucalyptus.


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