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Februaray 2016      
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 Beware of Hot Tub Skin Hazards

Unlike the popular film, Hot Tub Time Machine, stepping into a hot soaker will do everything but turn back time on your skin. If you're not careful, that steamy whirling water can damage the youngest of skin and cause nasty problems, which could lead to scaring and aging.

The two biggest issues are itchy dry skin and burning eyes. Hot tubs can harbour harmful bacteria causing skin and other serious infections. Red, itchy bumps can form on your skin - and up to 5 days following your soak these can turn into sore pus-filled blisters. Plus, there's a possibility of heat over-exposure and dehydration over prolonged periods.

Of course there are many health benefits to a therapeutic soak so you don't need to avoid hot tubs. Follow these tips for a healthier soak:
  1. If you smell an odour, don't get in. There should be no odour or only a slight chemical smell (a strong chemical smell indicates there is a problem).
  2. If the water is murky or feels slimy, don't get in. Keep chlorine and pH levels in check.
  3. Hot water dries out skin - it should be kept between 100-104 degrees Fahrenheit.
  4. Limit your soak to 15 minutes or less. Your skin is more likely to dry out the longer you stay in.
  5. Shower before getting in as sweat, makeup, and body lotions make the disinfectant in the water less effective (meaning more chance you'll get an infection).
  6. Stay hydrated by sipping a bottle of water during your soak.
  7. Rinse in a shower after getting out as chlorine can irritate and dry skin.
  8. With a clean towel, pat (don't rub) excess water.
  9. Apply moisturizer while skin is still damp to lock in the benefits.

So soak and soothe sore muscles while relaxing to the thoughts of glory days gone by but be wary of the complications. And remember your local spa can help if you want to turn back time on your skin. Exfoliating body treatments, detoxifying mud masks, and energizing body scrubs are all good regimens for looking and feeling your best self. Ask your esthetician what treatment will benefit your skin type and help nourish your entire body from head to toe.


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