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Today's Signature Pedicures

Salons located in London, Ontario have become very sophisticated. As men and women discovered the benefits of a pedicure, high end salons such as the Shear Elegance Day Spa Retreat and Hair Salon raised the bar by offering their signature feet treatments.

These special services cannot be considered mere pedicures; they are total Nirvana for the feet and a feast for the senses. With the use of essential oils, the technicians at Shear Elegance are able to sooth you into total relaxation while allowing you to benefit from the long list of advantages a pedicure offers.

Professional Pedicures at the Day Spa

Pedicures are not what they used to be years ago. In the past, you'd soak your feet, and have your toe nails trimmed, cleaned and polished. Nowadays, you can sit in a supremely relaxing chair and delight in pure enjoyment.

The pedicures offered at Shear Elegance include moisturizing soaks in elements like milk and honey. These soften your skin so that you can proceed with the use of exfoliants made of sea salts, a regenerating massage, and finally, get the finishing touches with the latest fashion colors.

Those who are used to walking long distances will find the energizing citrus and herb signature pedicures heavenly. And anyone who realizes they've abused their feet with less than comfortable shoes will find the papaya and guava pedicures nothing short of a miracle. With a soothing soak made of the two fruits' enzymes, your feet will have a chance to heal and regenerate. You'll be ready for whatever may come, even a marathon.

Keep in mind that pedicures can also help you find the spiritual balance you seek. A hot stone pedicure will provide you with a piece of inner tranquility while improving your circulation.

At the Shear Elegance Day Spa Retreat and Hair Salon a pedicure will make your day!

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