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Prices at London hair salons - They're not all $20

If I had a nickel for every time I heard someone complain about a London salon charging more than $20 for a wash & set, I could be rich We've all heard the stories of women in London getting their hair done for $10-20. I must admit, it sounds really good, but you know what, I need something that can fit my budget. Should I start complaining about London salons charging too much?

Why have the prices in London translated into "London salons who charge more than $25 should be ashamed of themselves" or "it's not a 'true' London salon if they charge over a certain amount"? Are you serious?

I love a good deal like everyone else, and yes, I'm experiencing the pinch of the recession too.

Not Chain Establishments

London salons are individually owned and operated; there are some salons with more than one location in which case then they are a chain. BUT, the majority of London salons are individual, with their own set of services, prices and policies. You might be thinking to yourself "duh, I'm not stupid," but if more people understood this I don't think we would have so many generalizations clouding our judgments.

I've been to $25 salons and I've been to $45 salons. Best believe, the service at a $45 salon differs and you see more personality in those salons when it comes to d├ęcor, amenities and customer appreciation.

Supply and Demand

Where there's an excess supply, prices will fall. Looking outside of London, the demand exceeds the supply which drives up prices.

Simply put:

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