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Foot and Hand Care

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What do you use to clean your tools?

All instruments are disinfected in a hospital grade solution and then sterilized in our autoclave system. New buffers and files are used for each client. Our specialized pedicure tubs are pipe-free, which guarantees a bacteria-free environment! Each tub is thoroughly disinfected between clients.

Do you have Acrylic nails?

We don't carry acrylic nails at our spa, our main concern is for the health of your nails and lungs. Instead, we have Gel Nails and we don't use a drill.

Do you have Shellac?

We carry Artistic Colour Gloss and Gel-ish Polish. They are similar to Shellac, except it takes less time to cure (45 minutes instead of 90 minutes), it's cured under LED lights instead of UV lights, and you receive a full manicure with it.

How long does Artistic/Gel-ish last?

Gel-ish polish can last up to 2 weeks. We cannot guarantee that your Gel-ish will last this long, as there are many factors that can compromise the life of your polish.

What should I do to make my Artistic/Gel-ish last?

Using hand sanitizer can cause lifting and discolouration. Cleaning products can cause lifting and discolouration. Cleaning under your nails frequently can break the seal and your polish could start peeling. Don't file or cut your nails after. This will also break the seal and life of your Gel-ish polish. Use top coat over the Gel-ish. This will help to make your polish last longer. Use gloves when washing dishes or gardening. Your nails may be too dehydrated or too oily. This can cause lighting or peeling.

My Artistic/Gel-ish french tips have turned from white to a brown/beige/mauve?

The thing you need to remember is that Gel-ish is a porous product. That is why it is able to soak off. The fact that it is porous means that it can be stained if it comes in contact with cleansers and makeup. This can also happen with alpha hydroxy acids, or become stained by a colour transfer from dark dyed clothes or hair. You're going to see this very quickly on a white tip. You can try to keep it from happening by using a coat of Dual Coat over top of your finished application. Bleach, some household cleaners, and alpha hydroxy face washes can change the colour of light shades of Gel-ish.

What should I bring when I get a pedicure?

Bring your flip-flops! The longer your nails have to dry, the better. It can take up to 3 hours before the nail polish is fully dried.

I have warts, can I still get a pedicure/manicure?

Yes of course! We can also give you advice on how to get rid of them.

I think I may have fungus, can I still get a pedicure/manicure?

Yes! We use an autoclave, new files and have fungus fighting products for you to try and purchase.

Can you help my ingrown toe nails?

Our expert estheticians can certainly help you with those painful ingrowns.

What products do you recommend?

We recommend Gehwol and Footlogix. They are amazing to use for anti-fungal treatment and dry or cracking skin.

Is it customary to add gratuity to my services?

The industry standard for gratuity is 15%-20% but the amount you choose to leave is completely at your discretion.

If your question is not listed in the list, feel free to call our spa at 519-645-7000 and we will gladly assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

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