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Spa Services For Men

There are many benefits associated with spa services for men. Spa treatments will help you remain in tip top shape regardless of the life you hail. Your skin deals with many problems associated with frequent shavings, sweating and sun and therefore as a man, you need more help than you have ever thought. The pampering or the simple grooming you get in the spas helps in slowing the aging process. The following are some of the services you get in London Ontario Spas.

Facial services

This is a service that you should consider in each and every season. Facial is important in bringing back your skin to life and making it glow. A deep cleanse, extracting and exfoliating treatment needed in facial helps in putting the best face forward. You should at least try it once and observe its results. Listen to your co-workers and friends talking of how younger you look.


And if you thought that waxing is only for ear hair and unibrows you are wrong, you can also rely on it to deal with your nose hair. After waxing, it will take around 2-8 weeks before the hair grows back depending on the waxed part and the person. With London Ontario Spa shaving your hair on daily basis doesn’t make any sense. Apart from the aforementioned parts, waxing is ideal for neck hair, back hair, chest and eyebrows. You can have the treatment tailor made just for you. You only need to start small and then start observing the changes on your shaving routine after the waxing.


The manicure treatment you get in London Ontario Spa for men is not same as the women’s manicure treatment; men’s manicure keeps the hands neat and tidy. The manicure involves nail filing and shape up, clipping, clean up of cuticles, hand massage and moisturizing. After the manicure is done, your hands will appear to be nice, clean and also professional. They will be manly and without rough spots or hang nails. As a man, this is possibly the second or the third thing that people will notice about you. Put your hands or feet forward and try to make them appear best.


The most luxurious treatment is the manicure for your feet. Women love the procedure and perhaps you will also love it. Cleaning your nails with a similar trim is crucial, but the moisturizing, the pumice stone take to the sand paper heals, and the extended foot massage will definitely relax all your muscles. Pedicure is beneficial for all men particularly the beach goers and the summer flip-flop wearers. Furthermore, the process will stave off potential infections and the ingrown toe nails and therefore keep your feet presentable and in the proper shape including after the day to day pounding they pass through.


This is another service you get in London Ontario Spa and most men like it especially when performed by a professional. A massage is generally a perfect way of pampering to distress, to relax and to loosen muscles. There are several types of massage including deep tissue, Swedish, and hot stone. For a long time, athletes have relied on massage to deal with muscle soreness and to loosen the muscles. And because most of us are athletes in our daily lives, you should have a massage at least 6 times in a year.

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