VascuLyse 2G

Thanks to the VascuLyse 2G the appearance of vascular and non-vascular imperfections can now be improved without any discomfort.

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What types of imperfections can be corrected with the VascuLyse 2G?

Vascular Imperfections

Dilated capillaries (known as telangiectasias or spider veins) are small dilated blood vessels that are visible at the surface of the skin. Although more common as we age and as our skin becomes more fragile, dilated capillaries can also be the result of prolonged sun exposure, significant temperature variations, alcohol consumption, spicy foods, etc.

Non Vascular Imperfections

Non vascular imperfections such as fat deposits (milia) or dead skin cells trapped under the skin’s surface appear with age and are mainly found on or around the nose, cheeks, forehead and neckline.

What Happens During A Procedure With A VascuLyse 2G Device?

The VasucLyse 2G uses the principle of thermocoagulatrion = coagulation through heat.

The principle behind this technology involves using heat generated by alternating current (High Frequency) (thermal effect) to convert fluids into solids (coagulation).

The current passes through a needle that is applied directly to the target area.

The imperfection coagulates by forming scar tissue, which is eliminated through the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

What are some of the Benefits?

  • Uses low-current that has been used for decades in the esthetics industry.
  • The procedure is non-invasive and practically pain-free.
  • Quick sessions last between five and fifteen minutes.
  • Results are usually noticable within 3 to 1 days. On occasion, one to three sessions are required to improve the appearance of the imperfection in question.

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