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Why Go to a Salon for Pedicures?

Many women and men in London have indulged in the luxury of a pedicure. But did you know that a pedicure offers health benefits? A pedicure is not only necessary but crucial.

Remember that your feet carry all of your weight. The average person in London, Ontario can take up to 10,000 steps in a day's time; this means that in a lifetime, they may walk a total of 115,000 miles. Do you put that much mileage on your vehicle without doing some maintenance?

That's why maintaining your feet is so important. Sure you could do it yourself if you have the time, materials and patience fir it. But the pedicures that a day spa and resort like Shear Elegance in London Ontario can offer go beyond luxury. Aside from the reasons we will discuss herein, at a salon, you'll get an hour of amazing relaxation while taking proper care of your feet.

Why are pedicures are necessary? Because by clipping and cleaning the nails, you'll avoid having an infection from ingrown toenails. A professional pedicurist knows how to eliminate bacteria and clean your cuticle area so as to prevent any diseases from developing. By eliminating dirt from under the nails, they also help you avoid foot odor.

Keep in mind that while getting a professional pedicure, you'll have exfoliation performed on your feet. The removal of dead skin keeps you from getting bunions and corns which as you may know, can be quite painful.

In addition to cleaning and exfoliating, the pedicurist will utilize moisturizing lotions to give you a foot massage. This will help activate your circulatory system while reducing any pain you may have.

When you call Shear Elegance to set up your visit, be sure to ask about aromatherapy. When it comes to relieving stress, nothing beats the scents of essential oils.

So don't forget that the best pedicures in London Ontario can be had at Shear Elegance and they are not just a luxury- they're for your health!

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